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Jonathan Grudin
Microsoft Research, Adaptive Systems and Interaction Group

(Rapidly) Emerging Technologies and Knowledge Management
Lightweight new technologies are emerging rapidly. Some have been used by millions of students. As these students enter the workforce and broader social settings, they'll know how to apply these technologies and their skills to work more efficiently and effectively. This talk will describe known challenges in information and knowledge management that specific emerging technologies may address. Change is likely to come faster than people expect. The presentation will first briefly consider the general issue of why rapid shifts in technology use often take us by surprise, and present visualizations that might help us look at the relationship between technology and behavior.

Jonathan Grudin is Principal Researcher in the Adaptive Systems and Interaction Group at Microsoft Research. He was previously Professor of Information and Computer Science at University of California, Irvine. His research is in human-computer interaction and computer supported cooperative work, with a focus on group support technologies. He co-authored and edited the second edition of Readings in Human-Computer Interaction with Ron Baecker, Bill Buxton, and Saul Greenberg, edited ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction for six years, and is ACM Computing Surveys Associate Editor for Human-Computer Interaction.

Official Website: http://kmdi.utoronto.ca/events/documents/Poster_Grudin%20Lecture.pdf

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