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Radiocreek Productions Present: Kleenex

An Inventory of Contemporary Ambient, Experimental, Beats, Mash-Makers and Performance

Wednesday Aug. 5th
The Drake Underground
1150 Queen St W
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Joda Clement

Freida Abtan


Spain's Most Extravagant Mexican

Ken Farrell


Ken Farrell
is a Toronto-based songwriter, vocalist and performance artist. He is the self-appointed Party Leader of electro-dance band Gravity Wave [Fuzzy Logic Recordings] and beginning in the fall of 2009 he can be found in NHL press boxes filing Gonzo journalism stories for thehockeyticket.com.

Spain's Most Extravagant Mexican
is a project within a project for song-writer, literary type, galumphing, preening glam-folk performer and Tomboyfriend fronting fellar Ryan Kamstra. The restless experimentation, literate delivery, folk-pop-hooks + flamboyant agit-pop of his musical output takes a glitch, hard-21rst century turn with these "folk songs written for the laptop" detailing impending fame in Afghanistan, dark longings to lord over bunny armies, scat love tales, tales from the school yard. Think banjo, with gay techno, with jaw harp, with Halloween noises, with video game freeware sounds, with horns. He has released two albums and two collections of poetry, with a new Tomboyfriend debut Don't Go To School slated for release in the fall. He is also purveyor of the folk-revival-out-of-an-art-gallery monthly sing-along + junk band series Murder Folk NIght at the Board of Director's gallery. Portal to all things Mr. Kamstra: http://www.ryankamstra.com/.

is the electro disco chiptune project of David Stevers in Toronto, Canada. Synthesizing a unique blend of electrobass and space disco with 8-bit melodies is the hallmark of the TouchBoy sound. With an emphasis on live electronic performance, TouchBoy's shows, delivered with the intensity of button-mashing shoot'em up video games, are not to be missed. A live release is slated for release in late 2009.Website

Freida Abtan
loves noises. Her music falls somewhere in between musique concrete and more modern noise and experimental audio and both genres are influential to her sound. Her work has been compared to bands such as Coil, and Zoviet France, and to that of performers such as Andrew Liles because of her use of spectral manipulation and collage.

As well as having created visual shows for and performed with the internationally reknown group Nurse with Wound, Freida has presented
her own sound and visual work at festivals across North America and Europe. Her first album "subtle movements" is available on United Dairies / Jnana Records.

Joda Clément
was born in 1981 and raised in Ontario, Canada. He began his earliest experiments with electronic music at the age of fourteen. Since then he has been developing a unique repertoire of methods and techniques for working creatively with sound. His work incorporates analog and acoustic instruments, the human voice, found objects and non-descript sounds recorded from the natural and urban environment, blurring the distinction between
sources to create landscapes of sound that unite the properties of both musical and everyday contexts. Joda integrates these elements into compositions, improvisation, installations, and performances throughout Canada and in the US, His first album ‘Movement + Rest’ was released by Alluvial Recordings in 2005. He now lives in Toronto. http://www.jodaclement.com/

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