3910 Geary Boulevard
San Francisco, California 94118

This will be a large formal event for those who met through Consumating.com, met through people who met people on the site, or merely like to attend big parties with lots of people.


9:00 pm: Doors open
9:00 pm: Photo booth open (please bring your own camera)
10:00 pm - 12:20 am: Kissing Booth open
12:30 am: Prom King & Queen announced
2:00 am: Event closes

Event FAQ

Details on the previous promsumating.

Official Website: http://consumating.com/meetings.pm/event?id=571

Added by urban_mermaid on November 13, 2007



It's pretty crazy to read about the last one, and realize just how many people were there. Especially considering how many I consider close friends now, that I met for the first time in person there!

Daniel Riveong

I met Miss Mace there! Weee!


I could be convinced to reprise my roll as Kissing Booth coordinator. :)


I will be staffing the hugging booth.


I may reprise the one-woman come early leave early booth. Heh.


lawgeek, oh really? hmmmmmm. we may have to talk.


Promsumating 1.0 was a singularity in my life function.


I couldn't take the Journey last year


@femmymystique: we're working on the dj list right now, want to volunteer?


East Coast Invasion! Who's with me?


Why do I feel like we're still missing a LOT of people? We need to double our efforts to get people to come! DO IT!


Beware I will be armed with several cameras! No prisoners! Everyone's picture will be taken no matter what kind of debauchery you are taking place in!


may not make it out tomorrow night. if i don't have a great time consupeeps.


any final ??s, just direct message. we're all set for tonight. i may even have a chaperone!