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Kirkland Business Association
Supporting Eastside Businesses and its community since Sept. 12, 2006

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The Kirkland Business Association
"The Friendly Way To Grow Your Business"

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Kirkland Business Association Weekly Networking Breakfast

We meet every Friday... There is no formal agenda. Just come and get to know the other members of the KBA. This is a great way to let other members know about what you do and to learn how you can help market each other.

There are no expectations of you to bring a certain amount of leads, no consequences for being late and best of all, no cost to attend! Just pay for what you order. George’s Place is a Kirkland landmark, known for their great down home breakfasts.


Here’s what people are saying about the breakfast...

"The breakfast was great. George's Place provides a relaxing atmosphere as well as good food. Being able to sit at a table and have meaningful conversations is priceless. I personally made a huge contact/connection with a fellow member and we are both excited about the possibilities of doing business together. This breakfast made my day and I look forward to attending in the future."

Mark Tillman
John L Scott Real Estate

"I thought it was great time to get to know people better on a more personal basis. Thank you for organizing the breakfast."

Deborah Wakefield

"Regarding last Friday’s breakfast……….I think it was terrific. In a smaller intimate setting of that nature, it creates the perfect forum for building relationships in a way that is not possible when there is a large group. I think that every serious professional who wants to grow their businesses and support other like professionals need to take the time to participate in such functions. It builds trust and gives the opportunity to know each other for more than just the business aspect. It also allows us to know each other as a person, which is a connection I think we all really miss in the fast pace of today’s lifestyle. See you again on Friday!"

Gwen Harris

So come on by and make some connections which will be sure to do some good for your business as well as making you some great new friends! For more information and to RSVP, call Mario at (425) 820-6373. See you there!

The Kirkland Business Association...
Helping the Kirkland Business Community Thrive and Grow Through Positive Support and Proven Techniques
The Kirkland Business Association promotes a healthy business environment by providing strategic leadership, support, tools, resources and community involvement for business success.

Kirkland's strong local economy is characterized by a healthy mix of corporate headquarters, small business, manufacturing and a growing base of high-tech and home-based businesses. A competitive business climate and great quality of life make Kirkland a more than desirable location for both local and world-class enterprises.

Why Choose Kirkland Business Association?
Just like our residents, business owners alike are attracted to Kirkland to live, work and have fun because of its high quality of life amenities. Its waterfront location and natural beauty, cultural and recreational abundance, and small town feel accompanied by big city offerings make Kirkland an enviable address for business to flourish.

We know that none of this is likely without a healthy and diverse local economy. Keeping the Kirkland Business Community a competitive and good place to do business is a top priority for the KBA.

The Kirkland Business Association is a 501-c3 Non-Profit organization created by Mario A. Morales, Executive Director, and Founding Board Members. Each one of these Directors has been working and volunteering in the Kirkland Community for as much as 20 years individually. All our Board Members have and do sit on a variety of Community and Business Boards in the Greater Kirkland Area. The creation of the KBA was to fill the need to support businesses in mentoring, networking, marketing and becoming more involved in community volunteerism.

For more info:
Email [email protected] or (425) 820-6373
Visit the KBA website at: www.kirklandbusiness.org

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