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Some call it Shakespeare?s greatest work. Some call it the darkest, most compelling tragedy ever written.

Power. Rage. Blindness. Madness. Transformation.

An almighty king has reached the twilight of his life and decides to divide his kingdom. Three daughters ? three parts. The elder daughters, women of flaming selfishness and fiery vanity, stop at nothing in their quest for land and power. The youngest, oblivious to material or social gain, personifies love and purity. Too truthful in her simple sincerity, she enrages her father. In an act of emotional blindness, this most beloved daughter, and anyone who speaks on her behalf, is disowned and banished. Pain and emptiness drive the king to madness, and his world swiftly crumbles beneath his feet. It is a fight between soulless power? and powerless wisdom. Watch our set be torn apart as King Lear?s world shatters in this epic and chilling tragedy of... chaos.

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