215 Jackson St
San Francisco, California

Summertime is the season of blockbusters at the cineplex--and this summer, Killing My Lobster presents an all new sketch comedy show about superheroes: Killing My Lobster Saves the Day! A true blockbuster of the absurd imagination, KML's superhero show will be tighter than you wearing your old underoos. Lovers and haters of comic book culture, superhero lore, and the general oddballs who think they have an alter ego will find something to savor in this ode to the superpowers in all of us. KML Saves the Day--directed by longtime lobster Sarah Mitchell--is up, up, and away June 1 through the 17 at SF's Eureka Theater.

Official Website: http://www.killingmylobster.com

Added by cherrycoke on April 24, 2007