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Where the ladies at?

For real. Where them funny KML ladies at?! The answer: ODC Theatre, this November--as KML proudly presents KML For the Very First Time, a world premiere sketch comedy all about first-time experiences--starring the ladies of Killing My Lobster. No men in this one--just the hilarious XX's (chromosomes, folks) of KML.

Our very first all-female sketch show, KML For the Very First Time runs from November 8 through December 8 at ODC Theater (site of our KML Faces the Music earlier this year). Directed by KML veteran Shaye Troha, the show is a cornucopia of all sorts of awkward, titilating, and incendiary "first time" experiences: from the first female president of the U.S., to a child's first interaction with the boogie man, to the first time a cowboy kills a man, and more.

Don't miss out! If you like virgins and virgin experiences (again--minds out of the gutter, folks) check out KML For the Very First Time, Nov 8 thru Dec 8 at ODC.

Added by sagemane on October 20, 2007



This was my first time....It was better than any SNL
I've seen! I'm going a second time as I probably missed a few lines. Each story was hilarios. Loved the elevator skit and the boggie man the best. Leslie
Waggoner should go directly to TV skits. Her dancing is also aawesome. GO SEE IT NOW!