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Santa Clara, California 95054

The Killer Attitude Core Skills Seminar is an introductory workshop for people who want to learn how to master self-confidence and social influence. Based on the 53 Rules of Unstoppable Confidence from the book, the Skills Seminar quickly covers the gamut from confidence in public speaking to psychological influence techniques and social attraction. See below for topics and schedule.
Speaking and Presentations
Overcome your fear of public speaking
Create a performance persona
How to speak live and in the moment
Separate your internal critic
Proper use of humor and improv when speaking
Sales, Interviews, and Negotiations
Hard Sell and Soft Sell tactics
How to control negotiations
Psyche yourself up for swagger
Key influence triggers
Putting people at ease so they open up to you
Confidence for Business Leaders
How confidence = speed and speed = money
Why leadership is impossible without a high degree of confidence
Respect vs. Affinity
Finding the confidence to take and instill accountability
Social Confidence and Attraction
Ways to make people interested in talking to you
The FIVE major attraction triggers
Projecting confidence to "own" a room
How to start a conversation naturally
Bonus topics
If time allows I will touch on effective persuasion in print and rewrite a participant's sales copy live at the event.


Official Website: http://www.killerattitude.com/confirmsc

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