415 Geary St
San Francisco, California 94102

The acclaimed and devastatingly funny drag cabaret duo Kiki and Herb has a passion for popular music that extends far beyond the typical drag queen repertoire. Decked out in her signature bouffant and smeared makeup, Kiki, a chanteuse whose middle age has passed long ago, is played by Justin Bond. Accompanied by her wordless piano-playing sidekick, Herb, played by Kenny Mellman, Kiki pours her heart out to the audience, offering captivating glimpses into the invented lives of the couple, while belting everything from torch songs to punk rock in her unique husky voice.

Added by larrybob on May 31, 2007



Show runs at ACT from July 13-July 29 - this is the night I'm attending.


I'm getting worried that the indie rockers are not hip to Kiki and Herb. Hey dudes, you're missing out! This is a post-modern cabaret act that covers everyone from the Mountain Goats to Public Enemy to Momus to Amy Winehouse.