1401 N Shoreline Blvd.
Mountain View, California 94043

Our goal is to leave the day with greater clarity around some core best practices for kids safety online. We will also outline next steps as an industry to help kids being safer online.

We will begin with a community conversation about the core issues and then all of the attendees will make up the agenda together face to face the morning of the event. We will consider these kinds of questions and end the day with a comprehensive list of known and emerging best practices.

* Who and what are we trying to protect digital kids from?
* Are there standards and norms in practice that we can leverage to formalize best practices for industry?
* Kids fake their ages to gain access to online content, do we as an industry care? If so, then?
* How do we create best practices that are flexible based on age range, content and willingness for parental involvement by industry or the child?
* How can we create cyber spaces that balance interesting and fun with safety?
* What is the role of government in either defining or supporting best practices?

Who this (un) conference is for:
* Online Community/Virtual World Managers
* Policy officers and Security Officers at large companies
* Consultants in the kids online space
* Identity technologists
* State Attorney Generals
* Legislative Staffers
* Parents and Kids
* Academics in the field
* Bloggers
* Moms and Dads & Kids

Adult attendees of the conference are welcome to bring their children ages 10-25 to participate in the conversations. There will not be child care, this is about talking about the issues with the constituents we are talking about present.

The 7th Internet Identity Workshop is happening Nov 10-12 in the same facility and covers technologies for identity on the internet broadly http://iiw.idcommons.net.

$125 regular, $150 late. Kids (10-25) $50.

Official Website: http://wiki.idcommons.net/Kids_Online

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