20-22 Highbury Corner, London,
London, England N5 1RD

This is a very special, very rare opportunity to have yourself a musical indulgence; Seldom-touring multi-skilled Canadian Kid Koala is coming to London for an exclusive live set this July at the newly reopened Garage in Islington!

Comic-book writer and artist, comedic-scratch master and more than 'Your Mom's Favourite DJ' this guy breaks boundaries, then smashes whatever is behind them. Since becoming the first North-American signee to Ninja Tune in '96 he has made a name for himself far beyond the clubs, all the way into stadiums in fact touring with the likes of the Beastie Boys, Radiohead and Bjork.

Utilising samples from 'Charlie Brown' and old comedy sketches while crafting innovative soundtracks is only half of the Kid Koala package; His 2000 album ' Carpal Tunnel Syndrome' on Ninja featured a video game and a 32-page comic drawn by the adolescent-marsupial himself; Shortly after his graphic novel 'Nufonia must fall' was released, complete with a soundtrack written and played on the piano by you-know-who.

The last time he was over (far too long ago in 2007) was a triple headliner with Shadow and Cut Chemist and by every account it was KOALA that stole the show, with comparisons being made to a modern Hendrix, further proof of the innovation and flare of this highly skilled gentleman, and even greater incentive to get along to see just what he's going to do next!

With a renaissance man such as this in the newly refurbished (in its original tube-station decor!) Garage expect to be surprised once more by this inventive turntablist as he transports us through his wonderful imagination via the good 'ol 1210s.

Added by namemusicpr on June 29, 2009