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When the league of Women Voters joins forces with the Silicon Valley
Leadership Group, something is afoot.

Such is the case next Saturday, Feb. 10, when the two groups host a
public forum at Mountain View High titled "Kicking the Oil Habit."

The forum's goal is exactly as its title suggests. But to speak
intelligently on such matters, you need a panel of energy experts.
Luckily, between the League and the SVLG, the clout exists to bring
in such experts. They are:

Jeff Byron, a commissioner on the California Energy Commission and
chair of its transportation committee; Dan Sperling, director of the
Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis and co-editor of The
Hydrogen Energy Transition; and Stefan Unnasch, senior manager at
Tiax, a contractor to the Energy Commission which provides analysis
of petroleum alternatives.

Not to mention a possible appearance by U.S. Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, who has been invited to talk about related efforts at the
federal level.

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