Folger Park
Capitol Hill, District of Columbia

All members from ADCMW and AIGA and their families
are invited to come out for the brawl. Heck, invite your
friends from the PCDC, DCDB, AD Club, Social Media
Club, and whomever else you think can kick some
rubber. Everyone knows the first step in togetherness
is to kickBRAWL...

Sponsored by Cliff Farbstein of Dimension.
He's responsible for our game day accessories.

Cooking by Mike Henry.
He has a New Orleans influence and unbelievable illustration skills.

Hosted by ADCMW and AIGA together.
For more information about either visit their sites.

Produced by (DC)2.
Bringing the love to the DC Design Community since...right now.

Added by jenfults on September 23, 2008