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Note: Tickets cost £110 and must be booked through the link below prior to the event.

Creativity and search engines are often viewed as opposites, belonging to left and right brain states, or the realms of the Arts and the Sciences. However, this practical seminar will show how even a small amount of research into the way in which audiences search can prove an invaluable tool for creative professionals, adding an element of science to the creative process.

Keyword research is usually done as part of a search-engine optimisation exercise after all the creative work is complete. A concept is created, a look-and-feel developed, copy written and finally the pages are optimized.

We argue that this approach is unproductive. Content is squeezed into a search engine friendly framework after it has been created. It means that work has to be redone, and this leads inevitably to a bottleneck of pages waiting to be optimized.

However, if keyword research is incorporated in the early stages of a web project then not only can this bottleneck be avoided but the quality of the creative work can be improved. Keyword research becomes another valuable way to do market research and make sure that work is market focused. Basically, the process involves using keyword tools to understand more about how your audiences view your subject, the sort of language they use and the other ideas they associate with the topic. This can allow you to gear every part of the design and content creation process to the people you want to target.

In this seminar, Ken McGaffin, Chief Marketing Officer of Worktracker.com and Neil Davidson, an experienced advertising and marketing consultant with an MA in Business and Creative Writing, will show you how to incorporate keyword research into the creative process.

Participants will learn how to use keyword research to:

• Win more pitches.
• Understand customer behaviour and build customer personas.
• Generate content ideas that are highly relevant to customers and already search engine friendly.
• Generate promotional ideas for advertising, online public relations and link building.

Delegates will receive full course materials and the tools to use keyword research as a part of their own creative processes.

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