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Ever heard of the Kevin Bacon game? Well it'll work with this guy too. Why not play the Kevin Pollak game right here at the Improv July 17th through 20th.

Have you ever known someone's face so well but couldn't remember their names? Take a look at this picture and you'll know what I'm talking about. You're bound to have seen this guy in some film. With credits in over 30 films over the past decade, Kevin Pollak has made a name for himself both as a comedic and dramatic actor. Well now it's time to play.

Perhaps you have seen him in "Willow", "The Usual Suspects", "A Few Good Men", "Avalon", "The Whole Nine Yards", "Grumpy Old Men", "Grumpier Old Men", "Casino", "Deterrence", "The Wedding Planner", "Dr. Dolittle 2", "End of Days", "House Arrest", "L.A. Story", and "3000 miles to Graceland." The list goes on and on. Now go play the game and see what else he's been in.

Along with his numerous film appearances he's had 2 HBO stand-up comedy specials, the latest being "Kevin Pollak, Stop With The Kicking".

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Added by thedcimprov on June 3, 2008