1615 Kersey Valley Road
High Point, North Carolina 27263


- Welcome to the Hewitt's Home -
We take you back to 1974 with the birth of a child in a meat-packing plant in Travis County, Texas. The mother dies straight after giving birth and the newborn is abandon in a dumpster. Visit the family known for winning the local Chile contest that has a taste for human flesh. Will you be invited to dinner or become dinner?

- Ghost Town Express -
All aboard the Ghost Town express! Sit back and hold on tight as we take you deep into the dark woods. Watch your back, the hunters that were stalking the beast have gone mad after being bitten. The Chupacabra can be found where there is a foul smell. They reported an alleged dog-like creature with the mange that was attracted to young women. They are known to be very sneaky and hitch a ride in total darkness. You never know if one will be sitting next to you then gone the next second.

- Spookywoods Ghost Hunter Experience -
We take you deep into the dense woods at the back of the Kersey Valley farm where we have confirmed recordings of ghosts and paranormal activity. Here is your chance to see what started Spookywoods in the first place. Proper shoes and clothing for hiking in the woods is required. No cameras, lighters, cell phones or flashlights allowed on the experience, we will provide you with a flashlight.

- Haunted Corn -
This was a place of sacrifice, it still is. In these ruins a legendary evil has been waiting. Can you make it through the never ending twists and turns of 10ft tall corn without screaming your head off? Exploding balls of fire fill the night sky to shed light for a brief moment, just enough time for your eyes to go blind and take away your sight. You might want to just close your eyes, but you can still hear it moving.

- Spookywoods Maze -
This Halloween you will enter into a world, where all your fears and all your nightmares are just one step away! The main attraction is packed full of unique sets and scares in one of America's largest outdoor walkthrough based on some of your favorite horror movies and some of our twisted imagination. Prepare to Scream this Halloween.

Official Website: http://www.spookywoods.com/

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