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Can you belive we're already 17.76% through 2008? That means it's time for the second KERNSPIRACY of the year. No fancy theme this time around besides our normal creative hobnobbing. In other words, making fun of each other for not switching to InDesign from Quark, and sharing horror stories about clients who use their 15-year-old nephew's offer to design their website as a bargaining tool. As usual, feel free to bring a business card, a portfolio or work you want feedback on. A good time will be had by all or my name isn't "Rutherford J Tackleberry."

KERNSPIRACY is a community building and peer support project for designers and creative professionals. Los Angeles is a tough place to be a designer, and it's often easy to feel like you're out there all on your own. KERNSPIRACY is intended to address this issue by creating forums for people to ask for advice, feedback and support from their creative peers.

KERNSPIRACY hosts bi-monthly get togethers where designers and other creatives can come out to meet one another and trade ideas and critiques. If you're a designer, please come and bring a question, a design you'd like some feedback on or just a business card. If you know a designer, please invite them to do the same. At the very least, we can all have drinks together and complain about Quark.

In addition, KERNSPIRACY manages a corresponding e-mail discussion list to allow folks to interact between events and to facilitate faster response times for more pressing concerns. The list info page can be found at http://kernspiracy.com. You can also subscribe by sending an e-mail to kernspiracy-request {at} tokyofarm {dot} com with "subscribe" (no quotes) in the subject or body.

Official Website: http://kernspiracy.com

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