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The Strategy, Technology and Business Case for Content Description, Visibility, Search and Discovery

* The Strategy, Technology and Business Case for Content Description, Visibility, Search and Discovery
* Wednesday 27th June 2007, Daytime
* London, UK
* Gathering creators, rights holders and technology experts
* Organised by Kendra Initiative
* Register at http://www.kendra.org.uk/wiki/wiki.pl?KendraSummit20070627

This Summit will bring together business strategy and technical know-how from all media industry sectors to work through the issues, innovate and answer the question:


How do content owners increase the visibility and discovery of their content? Do we need more metadata standards for cross-media description? What's wrong with ones we already have? Does more effort need to be made to implement those that already exist? Should standards groups build more end-user tools? What are the drivers for industry adoption? Can we make the tools simpler and easier to use? What are the requirements of end-users in the media industry?

Tools enabling metadata aggregation, searching and publishing could be vastly improved. The lack of support and interoperability is having a profound impact on the ability of all media industry sectors to monetise their products.

Bringing together key cross-industry business strategists and technologists from music, film, image, search, standards, publishing, interactive and gaming organisations shaping the digital media marketplace. Aiming to share experiences, discover synergy and innovate. Identifying areas for further investigation to drive adoption of metadata syndication ecosystems that enable content owners to increase visibility of their content.

The day will feature short, sharp business strategy and technology briefings from many experts. Participants will benefit from the experiences of their counterparts in other arts, media and technology.

Kendra Initiative is an international media, technology, academic and industry alliance. The mission is to foster an open distributed marketplace for digital media (including films, music, images, games and text). The initiative researches, recommends and develops enhancements to the digital media marketplace that facilitate interoperability between and revenue generation for content owners and service providers; to enable consumers to use any device or application to browse, search and purchase content from any content catalogue, seamlessly. The cross-industry stakeholder group is currently investigating content description, search, visibility, discovery, delivery and payment whilst developing and trialing prototypes and promoting support.

Official Website: http://www.kendra.org.uk/wiki/wiki.pl?KendraSummit20070627

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