835 Larkin St
San Francisco, California 94109

Kelsey Brookes is a former biochemist who attributes his raw style to an educational system that refuses to teach scientists how to draw. With this his paintings explode with
a figurative nature that is influenced by Hindu an Buddhist deities, exotic animals and sex as well as rustic American quilts. Each Figure is adorned with ghostly representations of the natural world... animals and plants that unfold from the body into the surrounding canvas. His chimeras are frozen with animalistic intensity in explosive and sometimes tortured positions.
AJ Fosik's eclectic handmade and intricately designed wood animal sculptures and paintings, combined with cryptic symbols, intrigue and provoke. Fosik creates an experience that at first glance evokes a questioning of familiar concepts and then pushes the viewer to look and think deeper. Inspired by subversive cultural influences which shift complacency, he creates pieces that suspend comfort while at the same time offer recognizable symbols and images. In this dynamic tension the art and the viewer hopefully come together in an expanded definition of culture and assumption.

Official Website: http://www.whitewallssf.com/

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