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Plans to privatise the East London Line are opposed by 75 per cent of Londoners. Join the RMT protest outside City Hall on Thursday, December 13 at 11am to show Mayor Livingstone and the government what you think of the proposals.

Demonstration: Keep the Tube Public!
Where: Outside City Hall
When: Thursday, December 13 from 11am (Tube: London Bridge)

London Underground's East London Line is closing on December 22 for major engineering works and extension. Unfortunately, the Mayor and the government have decided it will re-open as a privatised line, run by a private profit-making company.

Tube privatisation is opposed by 75 per cent of Londoners - not surprising since they are paying the bill through a massive public subsidy to the privatised rail companies, both Underground and Overground.

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Stop the rip-off! End Tube Privatisation!

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