46 Grand St. Bet. Thompson & W.Broadway
New York City, New York

Hi it's Ed Jus-Ed That is...

Date - Sunday Feb 20th 2005
Time - 6pm to 4am
Place - Forty6Grand
Cost - $6.00
first 50 people free cd.

I'm very excited about this next Kazulo Party! I have some very talented DJ's coming out to bless us with some serious music for us to dance to. Not to mention we are going to party for 10 hours remember monday is president's day! hopefully you are off.

The DJ'S

Matt Kinney from Norwalk Ct. he had a residence in New haven Ct. @ Funktion the old Alley cat. When I came out of retirement he introduce me to the house scene giving me several opportunitys to jam with him. His sytle of house is very smooth well calculated between vocals & tracks...Yummy!

DJ Marcel is one of the Co-founders of www.FamilySessions.com He and his crew have been keeping it true since the early 90's bring party after party to Connecticut up & down the coast line.There is nothing commercial about him or his crew if you enjoy cutting edge music with a latin flavor...stuff you haven't heard before then get ready to be dazzled!

DJ Jose G. I had the pleasure of meeting Jose on the dance floor four years ago and I have seen him at almost every party that happens in New York City. I finally got to talk to this brother...you know how it is you see people at party's it's like you know them...cause you see them all the time...but you really don't know them...lol. So we finaly talked... come to fine out Jose is a well accomplished DJ that has been around since the scene started and his collection is very large so you can expect anything from him Classics to Crispy New!

DJ Jus-Ed Well you know who I am I'm Just a DJ tring to keep it going http://www.undergroundquality.com/djje.htm

On percussions

Winter Drum for Life! needs no introduction! He's played from here to Japan and Back!

Joel Hirsch not new to the scene but at all www.ElectricLadybugs.com

Get there early only 50 cd's to give out and you really shouldn't miss any of these guy's set's!
See you there!

Ed Jus-Ed That is...

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