1710 Lavaca St
Austin, Texas 78701

August 7-September 13, 2008

Drawing on the playful sense of juxtaposition displayed in the tricked-out appliances at her recent ArtPace residency, Katie Pell presents new sculptures in Tiny Acts of Immeasurable Benefit. Themes of identity, patriotism, fantasy and mysticism are treated to Pell’s tender irony, explored via life-sized interactive sculptures. A walk-in album-cover diorama, a towering charm bracelet, a prayer wheel with a twist and a dazzling duck blind all invite the viewer to be, quite literally, embraced by the artwork— in this exhibition, touching the work is not just allowed, but encouraged. Pell’s sculptures truly become complete when they enfold and transform the viewer, so come insert yourself into a work of art and become whatever your imagination allows.

Official Website: http://www.womenandtheirwork.org/

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