Burgwal 45 t/m 49
Delft, Zuid-Holland

door Eric Ross
Lecture in English
maandag 22 mei 2006, 20:15 uur
Speakers Burgwal 45 t/m 49, 2611 GG DELFT
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LOCATION: Speakers, Burgwal 45-49, Delft

Is there any reason to talk about Marxism as a possible way to encounter poverty? For Marxism seems to be beaten by liberal democracy and free market. Halfway through the nineteenth century, Karl Marx published Das Kapital and changed the way we look at the world forever. His aim was to reveal the true nature of the capitalist system to the working-class as the principal agents societal transformation. In so doing, he also predicted that the increasing concentration of capital in fewer and fewer hands would lead, in time, to the demise of the capitalist system.

Some Third World countries have based their development strategies on Marx's theories in other ways than Mao and Lenin for example. Latin America in the sixties, for example, gave rise to what was called Neo-Marxist or dependency theory which offered a powerful set of arguments about the relationship of underdevelopment to the global economy and gave rise, over the following decades, to new ideas and strategies of liberation. Dr Eric Ross will discuss the enduring legacy of Marx and Neo-Marxism.

Dr. Eric Ross is Senior Lecturer and Convenor of the Population & Development programme at Institute of Social Studies.

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