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For Immediate Release: May 10, 2007
“Karan Koron”
A Geta Art Exhibition
Thursday, June 14th 2007
Los Angeles – CA, Melt Gallery is proud to present Karan Koron – A Geta Art Exhibition. Karan Koron – A Geta Art Exhibition is a large-scale group exhibition curated by none other than Los Angeles and Mexico’s Pioneering graffiti artist, Galo “Make” Canote, that features over 60 artists: internationally acclaimed Japanese artists, local and underground artists, and legendary graffiti artists.

Each artist will customize a pair of getas. Getas are a traditional Japanese footwear worn with traditional Japanese clothing such as kimono or yukata. “Karan Koron”, the title of the show, is the distinctive "clacking" sound made while walking with getas. Karan Koron is often mentioned as one of the sounds the older Japanese miss the most in modern life.

Karan Koron is an amazing opportunity to view and purchase custom works by more than 60 world-renowned artists. In an attempt to combine the eastern and western world of artistry, over 60 original pairs of getas will be painted, sculpted, carved, and drawn on by contemporary artists highly recognized in the art industry today. The artists range from emerging artists, local and underground artists from Japan, LA and Mexico, legendary graffiti artists, to students and lecturers of Musachino Art University in Japan.

The artists participating are:
Alex Kizu - Alex Chems Shinohara - Angrywoebots (www.armyofsnipers.com) - Asylm (www.asylm.sh) - Axis (www.stylepig.com) - Baki Baki (www.yamaokohei.com) - Bene/XBX (www.xbx.jp) - Besk - Big Pranks - Cab-LOD - Dave Kawano - Dash (www.dash2000.com) - DEZ (www.dezeinswell.com) - DMD - Doc43 (www.docdesigns.net) - Dyal-EYOS - Felipe Smith (www.felipesmith.com) - EGR (www.egrart.com) - FreddiC (www.freddic.com) - Fuco UEDA (www.geocities.jp/uedafuco) - Fudemae (www.fudemae.com) - Gajin Fujita - Gaku Shinohara – Grimb (http://grimb137.seesaa.net/) - JIRO www.jirotat.com - Kenta TOKYODRIVE (www.KentaOgawara.com) - King157 – Kofie (www.keepdrafting.com) - Koji Iijijima (www.kojiiijima.com) - KLovich - LUN*NAH (www.lunnamenoh.com) - ManOne (www.manone.com) - Mandoe-MAK - Mari Inukai (www.mariinukai.com) - Matt - MHAK! (http://continuation.jp/ak) - Miki Amano (www.mikiamano.com) - Minchi (www.minchi.info) - Monster5 - Nana Satake - Nathan Spoor (www.nathanspoor.com) - Newz - Oeil (www.oeil.jp) - OG Abel (www.ogabel.com) - OGI (www.ogigraphics.com) - Oscar Magallanes - 179 (www.onesevennine.com) - Patrick Martinez (www.patrickmartinez.com) - Peque-VRS - Prime-K2S - Johnny Quintana (www.johnnyquintana.com) - Relic-STN - Retna (www.marquislewis.com) - Rinka Sato - Saeko Takagi (www.saekotakagi.com) - Sano - Scribe-DF (www.scribeswalk.com) - Sense - Sergio Robleto - Shohei Mizuguchi (www.k4.dion.ne.jp/~ophrys/index.html) - Sherm (www.shermgrafik.com) - SizerOne - Slick-K2S (www.dissizslix.com) - Suiko1 (www.suiko1.com) - SUKE (www.suketattoo.com) - Tsukuru - UMAOU (www.umaou.com) - Usugrow (www.usugrow.com) - Vivienne Kick - (www.kick-n-roll.com) - Vyal - (www.vyalone.com) - Yoskay Yamamoto - (www.yoskay.com) - Yuki Miyazaki (www.yukistuff.com) and more.
This will be a large collection of internationally acclaimed artists in one single exhibit. The getas will be the artist’s physical interpretation on how he/she reflected on traditional Japanese culture by using modern day art. They will create a hybrid of images and symbols unique to the artist’s creative expression and similar to characters of the Japanese language.

About the curator:
Galo “Make” Canote is a legendary Los Angeles born graffiti artist. He has gained international recognition and recently captivated the attention of famous urban art critics in Japan. He’s been known to successfully curate art shows and exhibitions that are thought provoking and controversial: “Too often stereotypes are perpetuated through the wrongful appropriation of cultural images, language, icons, art forms, music and identities,” says Galo “Make”, and “with Karan Koron, I seek to preserve, promote and educate the general public about traditional Japanese culture and its true beauty while adding my own distinctive flare to it.”

About Melt Gallery:
Melt Gallery is a creative space located inside the 9,000 sq. foot store of Meltdown Comics located in the thriving heart of Hollywood. It is primed for hosting book signings, art events and live music and has successfully since its inception in 1993. The gallery is located on: 7522 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA, 90046.

The opening reception on Thursday - June 14th, 2007 from 7:00pm to 11:00pm will be filled with amazing art, live art performances by local and special guests from Japan, live graffiti art, a musical performance by Jean Paul Yamamoto and a special performance by Koji Iijima and his famous Iron Dog (Tetsu Inu). www.kojiiijima.com. There will also be a Shodo installation by JC Brown. Atmospheric music will be provided by: DJ Japson, DJ Yotah, and DJ Ichi.

There will also be a VIP preview for artists, serious buyers and collectors, on June 14th from 6:00pm – 7:00pm at the gallery. Invitations will be sent out or you can email [email protected] for additional info. VIP reception catered by: Seasoned To Taste www.seasonedtotaste.net
Some of our proud sponsors are: Asahi Beer, Yaegaki Sake, Calpico, Tokyo-Drive, Popkiller, GarouGarou, Melt Comics and others.

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For more information, interviews, media coverage or photos please contact Galo “Make” Canote via email at [email protected], or Melt Gallery at 323.851.7223, via email [email protected]. - 7522 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046

Official Website: http://www.meltcomics.com

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