115 Empire St
Providence, Rhode Island 02903

Kalpana's music has been described by CMJ New Music Monthly as "a promising mix of Chicago- style noise and post-rock atmosphere". Although reminiscent of such acts as Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky, Kalpana laces their sound with electronic elements and beats as an added dimension. This foursome's intensely varied catalog finds vocal and instrumental duties shared among the group, in combinations that shift with the song or even the moment. Beautifully recurring bass lines and unusual drum patterns provide a solid groundwork for gorgeous melodies formed by multiple synthesizers and guitars. Kalpana's music alternates between the hauntingly intricate and the brutally powerful, and layered vocal lines flit in and out to lend a hint of context.

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www.myspace.com/thetremula (The Tremula)
www.slendermusic.com/tristan (Tristan de Cunha)
www.miniwatt.com (Miniwatt)