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A mutant subculture growing out of post-war Japanese monster movies has finally taken hold in America —with a vengeance!

Our wise-crackin’ expert on Japanese popular culture Patrick (“Tiger on Beat”) Macias travels all the way from Tokyo to face off with Australian enthusiast David Cox in a clip-happy celebration of this bizarre rubber fetish. Macias, in town to tout his new tome Otaku in U.S.A., comes fully loaded with over two hours of carefully selected battle scenes, to flood the imaginations of the most spectacle-craving kaijuphiles.

Certainly the figure of Godzilla is a featured topic—including his legendary 1954 debut—but this discourse on colossal creatures additionally covers Mothra, Gamera, Gigan, Rodan, Hedorah, King Ghidora, and legions more. As a special bonus, Macias smuggles in the shiny new Ultraman box-set, sharing favorite moments of hilarity and destruction between shots of sake at the geisha bar.





Official Website: http://othercinema.com/mainframe.html

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