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Justifying the cost and organizational impact of an open source monitoring project isn't a lot different than any other project. The gains and losses are quantified for the life cycle of the proposed system and compared to those of a set of alternatives including the "do-nothing" alternative. Then the risks associated with deployment success are evaluated. The decision selected has the best return on staff time and available funding within an acceptable level of risk.

In this webcast we review the standard methods for justifying monitoring software projects while distinguishing unique open source and commercial open source alternatives processes and elements.
The webcast follows an example that compares the four classic alternatives. Attendees will be introduced to a simple reusable model which GroundWork's customers use to justify their investments in monitoring software projects.

You will learn how to calculate:
- The initial costs for system acquisition
- The installation costs
- The operating costs for system operation after installation
- Total Costs of Ownership comparison for all of the alternatives

If you are considering a new monitoring project in the next 3 months, this webcast will give you the tools you need to present the business case to other decision makers.

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