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Just Add Community: The Practical How-To Guide to Winning Over Users one At A Time with Ben Huh of "I Can Has Cheezburger"

Community is an elusive and ever changing beast. It can be used to empower amazing start ups or it can be a tool of destruction and obsession.

This workshop will help you understand how to use the community as a tool and what is required to sustain a growing community. A vibrant community is a living thing that requires nurturing. By the end of this
workshop, you should be able to define your community, how to encourage interaction and understand the life-cycle of a community member.

If you believe that having a community is CRITICAL to the success of your enterprise, this is where you should be. Also, be forewarned: Your instructor will probably make fun of you in front of others. Be a good sport.

Who should attend?
Web site owners, community managers, web start-up founders and anyone interested in building a strong, vibrant and effective community around their web site and company.

Official Website: http://carsonworkshops.com/2009/benhuh/index.html

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