London, England SE10

Sunset 25-07-2009 : 20.59
Sunrise 26-07-2009: 05.13


Another change in itinerary. From Greenwich we will take the DLR to Canary Wharf. We have a permit for the Canary Wharf but we can only use 6 tripods at a time. Please be aware that this is a private property and you must not photograph building entrances, security cameras, loading bays etc.. Our permit is valid from 8.30pM to 11.30pm so we will sort out who can use the tripods first.

After Canary Wharf we will take the DLR towards Bank and walk from there towards St Paul's Cathedral and head up to Leiscester Square. We aim to be at Chinatown at 3AM for a rest and some warm food. Then we will head out for more photos. We will shoot sunrise from the Victoria Embankmentor Westminster Bridge.

I will take the new Olympus E-P1 with me so those who want to play with it in between shoots.

On food: We will have some dinner in Greenwich then have some food at Hong Kong Diner or whichever have table for us.

Due to the unpredictable weather, please be prepared for rain and cold temperature. It is also very strongly advised to carry light gear and this I mean only one or two lenses. Please choose wisely.

Bring: Camera, tripod, one or two lenses, food, torch and you :D

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Will meet the group at Bank station.

Gaetan Lee

damn allready pre booked on this night!


We have permit for 6 for Canary Wharf... if there is too many of us, we can take turns or something....


Not sure if I can make this as I have to take my parents to the airport on the Sunday. I will need my "beauty" sleep !


Hi there,

I just saw this on Upcoming and was wondering whether I could join you guys? I'm relatively new to photography but this sounds like great fun!



Bandit babe

Hi Matt
Would be nice to see another new face, so come along.
6.00pm Cutty sark, Greenwich, weather looks good.
You'll spot us, tripods and cameras at the ready.
The last all nighter was brill'.
Bandit babe


Thanks Bandit Babe, 6pm Cutty Sark, see you all there.

Looking forward to it!