27792 Ski Hill Loop
Honey Creek, Iowa 51542

Third in a series of nature hikes designed to introduce visitors to Hitchcock Nature Center as well as the Loess Hills. Hiking out Fox Run Ridge from the Lodge, this trail winds through woodland areas. As we head to the north, the hike will offer views of the Missouri River valley, prairie and pasture as well as our research plots. Cost: $2.00 per person and includes on-trail refreshments.

Official Website: http://pottcoconservation.com/html/hitchcockinfo.html

Added by waiting_line on May 13, 2007



(grumble) I'm getting tired of missing things... I have to skip this month. Just remembered that I have a volleyball tournament tomorrow, and I don't want to wear myself out.


I've opted against going 2nite. :^/ I'd pass out. It's too hot for me and I have to be at work early tomorrow. No recovery time!