600 E Grand Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60611

This Independence Day, Chicago's Navy Pier will host a spectacular fireworks extravaganza to celebrate America in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to the amazing fireworks display, visitors will also enjoy a variety of other activities including live entertainment from some of Chicago's hottest musical artists. There are always interesting things to see and do at the festive Navy Pier.

Great fun for all ages awaits at the Annual 4th of July Celebration at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois.

Official Website: http://www.navypier.com/things2do/fireworks.html

Added by laranouj on June 10, 2009



Great fireworks and terrible environment. Too many prople (1.1 million). Three years ago, my three children saw a man stabbed in the belly and the beat down of the suspects by the police. For me, it was better than the fireworks, but it is nothing for little kids to see.

Erika A.

Libertybear, sorry you had to see that. I've lived in Chicago my entire life and have always enjoyed all events Chicago offers. I guess there are things in all cities that can happen, but to see a stabbing is at the top of the bad list. The fireworks are truly spectacular, and yes, there are too many people, but if you are able to plan in advance and watch the fireworks from afar or from a hotel room is the way to go. Hope you try it again one day.


Well,it's Great Police beat down the suspects!!!!I'm All for that!!!Needs to be more of that!!! Can I can get an AMEN Up in here!!!