via Gradenigo 6/B
Padova, Veneto

09:00 Accoglienza

09:15 "Design Patterns in Java: tricks ans tips", a cura di Enrico Giurin

Someone in the world has already solved my problems, using patterns I get experience reuse instead of code reuse. Design patterns in java, when to use them and why. I will show you the most important patterns, and object oriented principles, using simple code examples.

10:45 Pausa caffe' - Java Break

11:00 "Watermarking, Tamper-Proofing and Obfuscation - Tools for Software Protection", a cura di Mariano Ceccato

Three types of attack on intellectual property contained in software are reverse engineering, piracy and tampering.The maindefences against those attacks are respectively obfuscation, watermarking and tamper-proofing. In the talk I will present a survey on the available technology for each type of defence.

12:30 Domande/risposte, dibattiti accesi, pomodori e uova marce

13:00 Pizza tutti assieme

(Malgrado titoli e riassunti, gli interventi saranno in italiano)

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