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Judah Friedlander is a nationally recognizable stand-up comedian and actor.

Currently in limited release, Judah can bee seen in a main role opposite David Schwimmer in Duane Hopwood from director Matt Mulhern and producer Lemore Syvan. This film premiered at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. In September 2005, Judah won Best Supporting Actor at the Bend Film Festival for his role in Duane Hopwood.

In 2004 Judah Friedlander was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 2004 Independent Spirit Awards for his role in American Splendor. The New York Times Magazine also picked him as one of the best actors of 2004 and had a full page portrait of Judah. Opposite Judah s page was Gwyneth Paltrow. Film Critics around the world, from USA Today to Roger Ebert have been raving about Judah Friedlander s performance in American Splendor. American Splendor won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival, the International Film Critics Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, was named the best film of the year by Newsweek magazine & the National Society of Film Critcs, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Screenplay, and was on over 200 critics top 10 lists. In American Splendor, Judah plays the key supporting role of Toby Radloff, Genuine Nerd . To assume the role of the real life Toby Radloff 15 years younger, Judah totally transformed himself drastically changing his appearance, voice, and mannerisms to the point that he is unrecognizable. American Splendor, from HBO Films & Good Machine is distributed by HBO Films & Fine Line Features is currently available on dvd and is airing on HBO.

In January 2005 Judah filmed the hilarious role of Simon a drunk & high headbanger who tries to sneak into a Metallica concert with fatal results in the independent comedy The Darwin Awards from acclaimed director Finn Taylor. In this movie, Judah played opposite Lukas Haas.

In 2005, Judah filmed 3 other movies. Date Movie, a spoof of romantic comedies from 20th Century Fox opens wide Februrary 10, 2006. Full Grown Men, an indie where Judah had a lead dramatic role. And the indie The Cassidy Kids, where Judah played a key role that is both funny and dramatic.

Judah still maintains a busy stand-up comedy schedule doing up to 20 shows a week in NYC as well as headlining all over the country.

In 2004, Judah filmed a lead role in Feast, a horror/comedy from The Weinstein Company & Dimension Films it is also the new Project Greenlight movie. He plays the dimwitted/low self esteem Beer Guy who early on in the movie gets puked on by a monster and slowly decomposes and goes insane throughout the whole movie. According to preview screenings, the movie tested great and Judah tested the best in the movie. Project Greenlight 3 aired on Bravo.

In November 2004, Judah completed filming the supporting role of Hesh - a racist/bigotted hardware store owner - in the indie comedy Live Free or Die.

In August 2004, Judah filmed a supporting role in the indie comedy Southern Belles opposite Anna Faris. Judah changed his appearance for this movie - growing a closely shaved beard & an annoying ponytail playing Duane , an anal retentive real jerk boss at a Walmart type store in small town North Carolina who has a crush on Ana Faris but still constantly reprimands her for not working as hard as she could. In June 2004, Judah filmed another supporting role as Earl a slow redneck in rural Georgia in the indie comedy/drama The Unseen from director Lisa France and producer Luis Moro.

Also the summer of 2005, Judah hosted a weekend of Comedy Central promos. He starred in 18 promos for the channel mostly short vignettes about ridiculous ways to make money and stay in shape over the summer.

In January 2004, Judah appeared as the mentally challenged Donald on the 3rd episode of HBO s Curb Your Enthusiasm where he washed Larry David s car, stole his sunblock, and figured out a card trick that Larry could not.

Judah can also be seen every week as a panelist on VH1 s weekly show The Best Week Ever. Judah also makes regular appearances on NBC s Last Call with Carson Daly and CBS The Late Late Show sometimes doing stand-up comedy sometimes doing sketch and man on the street interviews. In September, came on as a fake guest on Last Call with Carson Daly as the world thumbwrestling champion hocking his new book about his rise to becoming the world champion and how he overcame his steroid addiction. And this December he ll be back on the show as the Gadget Guru the world s expert on gadgets giving advice on what gadgets to buy this holiday season.

Movie audiences first met Judah as the clueless Pharmacy Clerk in Meet the Parents where he told Ben Stiller (Greg Focker) to get a whole bunch of Mumm s instead of a $100 bottle of champagne.

Judah won the hearts of America starring as The Hug Guy in the Dave Matthews Band #1 hit, VMA nominated, and critically acclaimed music video Everyday where he spreads love by offering hugs to every stranger he sees. People are still in love with this video. Strangers come up to Judah everyday and give him hugs on the street. One time, Judah was walking down the street and a woman was driving her car screeched to a halt illegally parking it in the middle of the street ran over and gave Judah a hug.

Judah has been featured in many comedies including the Warner Bros. movie Showtime as Julio the cameraman, a sidekick to Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy, Zoolander as Scrappy Zoolander one of Ben Stiller s coal miner brothers along with Jon Voight and Vince Vaughn, the cult comedy Wet, Hot, American Summer playing Ron - the ex-husband to Molly Shannon s character, plus bit parts in How High, Along Came Polly, and Starsky & Hutch. On television, guest star appearances include an episode of Wanda at Large for FOX, MTV s The New Tom Green Show, ABC s Spin City, Comedy Central s Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, plus many other shows. Last year, Judah made over 10 appearances on CBS The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn as a self-proclaimed War Expert on Iraq who knows nothing about Iraq or journalism.

As a veteran stand-up comedian of 15 years, Judah works all the clubs in New York and Los Angeles, and headlines all over the country. Although Judah is more known from his movie and television acting work - he still considers stand-up comedy his main thing and what he is best at. His numerous stand-up appearances on television include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, plus many other shows on Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, HBO, and other networks. When Judah is in New York he does over 20 stand-up shows a week.

Currently Judah is writing and developing movie projects, working on two stand-up cd s, a dvd, a book, and his always updated website JUDAHFRIEDLANDER.COM . Judah lives in New York.

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