32 Vassar St.
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

jQuery Conference 2008 will take place on Sunday, September 28, 2008 in Boston, MA (the exact venue is TBD). The registration fee is $50.00(USD) and will help cover the cost of the venue, food and beverages and a T-Shirt for attendees! Payment for the event is handled via PayPal.

The Venue
The venue has been finalized and we are pleased to announce that the conference will be held in rooms 31-141 & 32-155 in the Stata Center at MIT.

Travel Directions: http://www.csail.mit.edu/contact/contact.html
Campus Map: http://whereis.mit.edu/map-jpg?selection=32&Buildings=go
Building Map (rooms 32-141 & 31-155): http://staticfree.info/oldshots/scap-1218816735.png

Official Website: http://events.jquery.com/

Added by jlbruno on August 15, 2008



Hey everyone,

MIT site for travel directions is down. Does anyone know if there is parking (hopefully free) available at MIT for this?



somebody local can confirm this, but i believe street parking is free on sundays.

also, there are lots nearby that are used during the MIT flea market, those always seem wide open on the weekends.


also, i'm curious what the correlation is between this and the BA Belgian Beerfest:

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It looks like some alternative parking information can be found here:


Thanks Mike and John!
See you guys tomorrow.