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Mister Jowe Head is an artist and a musician from the Midlands of England, now living in east London. Moving from his home town of Solihull, he started his Fine Art training in Manchester in 1976. At the same time he was beginning his musical career with various school-friends, a project that came to be known as Swell Maps. This group emerged in the late 1970s, and are now seen as legendary pioneers of what is now referred to as the “Alternative rock” scene; they set up their own record label and mixed punk rock with experimental psychedelic sounds.

Swell Maps released four singles and two albums in a brief but dramatic career that saw them topping the UK independent charts. When they broke up, Jowe joined Television Personalities who he met as label-mates at Rough Trade Records. Ten years with the TVPs saw Jowe touring with them around Europe regularly, and travelling to Japan and the USA.

At the same time, Jowe was constantly evolving his own visual aesthetic and personal imagery. As well as many solo and group exhibitions in the UK, he has helped to run a community art centre in east London and he also teaches in his neighbourhood. As well as painting murals and designing posters, LP and CD covers, Jowe makes collages, sculpture and clocks using recycled junk and he is also an accomplished print-maker.

Jowe continues to make music and has a new band called Angel Racing Food. He is also a solo performer and recording artist. He continues to develop his eccentric artistic vision and exhibits his art-work internationally.

Mr. Head will be supported by The Shitty Listener and Kristof Schreuf (Ex-Kollossale Jugend)



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