Beaulieu Drive
Waltham Abbey, England EN9 1JY

A medieval jousting tournament with the Knights of Royal England.

Horses and Knights are costumed with steel armour for the period 1250 -1300. There are approximately 15 participants in the Show, all dressed to assume their part in the re-creation of the Tournament, which also includes round mediaeval tents, the tilt, two quintains, stocks, pillory, and many colourful racks for holding weapons and the lances.
There will be foot combats using mediaeval weaponry, swords, shields, ball and chain, mace, quarterstaves etc. There are horse riding events to test the knights courage and skill, riding against the quintain which is a mediaeval training device with metal ball at the end of an arm which swings round to hit the knight. There will be tilting, where one knight competes against another along the tilt rail, often knocking the opposing knight off his horse at full gallop.

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