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Josh, Nice work! You captured the feelings of many men and women in uniform. I believe the side of the soldier needs to be heard too! Then, maybe the songs of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young will not make people feel like "salt is being rubbed into the wound."

I believe that one of the biggest differences between the soldiers of the Vietnam War and the soldiers of today is the treatment of them by the public. The soldiers who came back from Vietnam were "Booed", food and baggies of urine were thrown at them, they were called "baby killers," etc. No one publicly thanked them. The soldiers coming home today get a heroes welcome. I have been in airports when groups of soldiers were returning home. Each time, everyone stopped what they were doing, then stood and clapped as the soldiers made their way down the concourse. We should have been doing the same for the Vietnam Vets. Maybe we have grown as a society, or maybe we have learned from our mistakes. I am not sure.

No one hates the soldier, but many hate the reasons behind why these wars came to be. Our society needs to be able to distinguish between the two so that the real heroes (the men and women who put their lives on the line for their country) get their proper kudos.

Thank you for being my hero!

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