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San Francisco, California 94109

with Tiny Vipers

Added by kaethend on June 11, 2007



who is this guy? the one from café del mar?


he's a folk rock guy who got well known for covering electronicy stuff. he has a well known cover of a Knife song and another one of a Massive Attack song. dunno about cafe del mar. here's the description from gamh site:

27 year-old José González is a rising star in Scandinavia, with the world at his feet. Adored by legions of critics and punters alike, José‘s full debut single shot straight into the Swedish Top Ten. Now he’s being widely tipped as the ‘next big thing’ to emerge from Gothenburg in the wake of Soundtrack (Of Our Lives) - though José‘s music is a starkly intimate contrast to Sweden’s more gregarious rock exports.

Relying simply on his own masterfully eloquent classical guitar and a voice that marries mature assuredness with poignant delicacy, José creates an inimitable sonic world whose allure is all but irresistible. His achingly emotional melodies and thought-provoking lyrics - all sung in perfect, crystalline English - combine in a manner at once familiar (think Nick Drake, Tim Buckley, Will Oldham) and exotic (shades of Brazilian Tropicalia, flamenco, even the odd vestigial trace of Pampas tango). From these disparate sources José has conjured a unique and bewitching signature that is all his own.