2812 Kettner Blvd.
San Diego, California 92101

Here I go tooting my own horn again...

Will be spinning indie electronica (Junior Boys, The Faint, Ratatat, Goldfrapp...) at this art show.

More info to follow...

Added by joonspoon on October 21, 2005



can you move it to los angeles?


"...might be changed to Dec 3rd... not actually playing in the original Kava Lounge... new gallery space opened adjacent to it... will be playing in there... Details are still a bit up in the air as the organizers smoke too much..."



Yup, the whole event has been postponed till the first Saturday in December.

The Kava Lounge have taken over their adjoining space and turned it into a gallery... in case you are apt to enjoy a side of art with your beer. I'll be playing in there with the pictures.

This party is a fundraiser for Free Radio 96.9 - a punk pirate station that just got a license but need cash to ramp up their signal, etc.

Going to be playing lots of garage/math/punk/indie rock like Les Savy Fav, Death From Above, Patti Smith, The Kills... Unless that causes people to leave in which case, will stick to aforementioned plan.



+ death from above 1979
- patti smith
= the action is go!


Anyone want to join me for some head music pre or post Spoonage?