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Jonna Lee
This, ladies and gentlemen, is Jonna Lee:

* She made a whole electro album last year, but changed her mind in time for release because "it didn't feel right".
* After that, she wrote, recorded, and produced "10 pieces, 10 bruises" under 2007 (with Claes Björklund)
* She wrote the song "And your love" with Ed Harcourt in mind, sent him the song and then recorded it as a duet a few weeks later.
* She thought Stockholm needed a decent scene to play at, so last year she simply started live club Popmarathon.
You get it. She's energetic. And with Jonna being Jonna, several songs on the album are now recorded with Ed Harcourt as a producer or musician. Jonna and Ed also travelled around England together this summer recording.
- It's amazing how quickly you can tell it's Ed playing. He would just sit down by the piano and play a G chord - and you could instantly tell it was an Ed Harcourt G.
Jonna and Ed also stopped by Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey's house. Goffey now plays, and sings back up vocals, on "I wrote this song".

"10 pieces, 10 bruises" might have you thinking about Feist - "You're not the first one to have said that!" says Jonna Lee curiously, because she's never heard a Feist song in her life. She says she never gets fanatic about particular singers or bands, she's more of a songs person, but when forced, Jonna says she gets inspired by "Agatha Christie in my lyrics, Ed Harcourt when I sing, Leona Naess in everything". A worn out Dionne Warwick album is in her shelf, along with an almost as loved Carole King record.

England in itself, says Jonna Lee, is also a big influence.
- I like the weather and how it's always raining. It makes me feel like I'm in a detective novel.
And those lyrics clearly shows Jonna's love for Agatha Christie books. The first single of "10 pieces, 10 bruises" is almost a crime novel in itself, "some jealousy, some misery, and bit of murder to top it off". - Sadly, I'm a rather jealous person. So I started thinking what might happen if I'd get way too drunk and start to act out on my feelings.

By: Annika Norlin

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