1818 N. Vermont Ave (btwn. Hollywood & Franklin)
Los Angeles, California 90027

Jonathan Evison visits the newly expanded Skylight Books to read from and discuss his debut novel, All About Lulu. In this SoCal tale of step-sibling obsession, Evison explores family function and dysfunction from a fresh vantage point. Tap-dancing between humor and melancholy, the voice of Evison's protagonist may be familiar to anyone who has been a vegetarian in a family of carnivores, a bookworm in a clan of bodybuilders, or otherwise trapped among those of radically different sensibilities. In homage to the tragic, comic, and occasionally repulsive hot dog theme woven throughout the book, the author provides free franks for all who attend.

Official Website: http://www.skylightbooks.com/NASApp/store/IndexJsp;jsessionid=abcvsGHm-6VnA5KKIHcVr?s=storeevents

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