859 O'Farrell Street
San Francisco, California 94109

Well crafted geek folk-pop. Hilarious but heartbreaking songs about mad scientists, robot armies and self-loathing giant squids.

Jonathan Coulton is the Contributing Troubadour for Popular Science magazine and the musical director for John Hodgman's Little Gray Book Lectures. He recently accompanied Hodgman on his book tour, singing songs about hobos and furry lobsters, all while wearing a funny hat. His songs about vengeful nerds, ennui-afflicted clowns, self-loathing giant squids, and devotees of a certain Swedish prefab furniture store are insanely clever without ever being too clever for their own good. They repeatedly lure you into laughing before suddenly breaking your heart. And the sick part is, you keep coming back. Coulton's is the voice of every spooky elementary school kid who could never quite keep his shirt tucked in or shoes tied; every lovelorn mason and mad scientist; every one of us who has ever sat despairingly on the floor, surrounded by parts of an Ikea endtable, weeping over our allen wrenches.

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