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Jonas Boner is a the creator of Akka project.

Jonas Boner's two day Pragmatic Real-World Scala course will teach you all you need to know about Scala, one of the most interesting new languages for the JVM. A unique and elegant blend of the Object-Oriented (OO) and Functional Programming (FP) paradigms, Scala is pragmatic and practical with seamless interoperability with Java.

Scala stands for 'Scalable Language' and is designed to scale with the needs and requirements of its users. It is statically typed but with good type inference and style which gives it a dynamic feel similar to Ruby or Python, but with the performance and safety only a statically typed language can provide. This makes it great for a wide range of use-cases, from internal DSLs to large-scale enterprise applications or container code.

For info & book online, visit Skills Matter website:


Official Website: http://skillsmatter.com/course/scala/jonas-boner-pragmatic-real-world-scala/zx-1216

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