between 11th Ave, E Pine St, 10th Ave & E Denny Way
Seattle, Washington

Gather your cardboard. Tell your friends. Get ready to release your inner warrior. TWIF invites YOU to adorn yourself with armor aplenty and duel to the death! Well, the death of a cardboard tube anyways. Whether you come covered in a suit of cardboard and carrying a corrugated shield or come fight-gear free, you are bound to have fun wildly whacking away in the hopes to leave a winner. Entry into the duels is open to inner children and actual children alike, so bring on the family feud! Plus - it's FREE! Hanging out in Cal Anderson Park walloping...and watching others be walloped...with cardboard tubes...for could that NOT be fun?

Sunday, August 21st - 2PM
Cal Anderson Park

Added by on July 14, 2011