2313 Ainger Place, SE
Washington, DC, District of Columbia 20020

Johns v. fenty

"The campaign event"

Washington, DC -- Come see the only one-on-one debate of this mayoral race – between Marie C. Johns and DC Council Member Adrian Fenty – one month before the primary election. This debate could turn the race on.

9 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Saturday August 12, 2006

The Fenty Campaign selected the debate location. It will be held in Ward 8 at the non-air conditioned, non-ADA compliant, non-Metro accessible Community Center of Woodland Terrace Housing Complex in the 2300 Block of Ainger Place SE. The Fenty campaign also selected the time and date, as well as radio personality Joe Madison to serve as moderator for the debate.

The Johns campaign offered two air-conditioned, ADA-compliant, Metro accessible locations – one in Ward 2 and one in Ward 8 – but the Fenty camp refused each one without explanation.

"I guess they aren't interested in helping people with disabilities, seniors, or those who want to save on gas attend this debate," said Johns Campaign Manager, Leslie Pinkston.

Marie Johns explained why she challenged her opponent to the one-on-one debate. "I believe I'm the better candidate, "Johns said. "Nearly half of Adrian's supporters only support him 'somewhat.' Many voters are rightfully concerned with Mr. Fenty's lack of experience running anything. The District government is an $8 billion operation with 30,000 employees. Leadership and management experience – as well as life experience – are a must if we are to have a responsible, accountable and successful government."

Come watch the debate – then decide on who you believe is the best person to lead. Rsvp to [email protected] or (202) 399-0669.

Media Contact: Liz Rose (202) 329-1167 [email protected]

Official Website: http://johnsformayor.com

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