915 U St
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

John Stabb Benefit Show #1
Aug. 10, 2007 @ Velvet Lounge
Line-up: (order not established yet)
Dave Smalley, Pup Tent, Lorelei, The Saviours
Contact: Marc - [email protected]

On Tuesday, 7/17/07, our dear friend John Stabb was physically assaulted, just a block away from his home, by a group of 5 teenage thugs. John will be undergoing extensive facial surgery and an undetermined hospital stay (hopefully short, fingers crossed here).

With mounting medical bills, potential lost wages and limited insurance benefits we are pulling together all our resources in an effort to limit this burden for John and his wife Mika.

Please check back often, as new information will be added to this website as soon as it is received.


Update - 7/25/07 - John has made it home and is recuperating under the tender loving care of his wife, Mika. The surgery was successful. John is now the proud owner of 5 or 6 titanium metal plates shoring up his “zygomatic tripod” bones (around the eye orbit) and his upper jaw. A screw under his right eye. A leather splint over his nose. And temporary braces readjusting his teeth. John was fortunate to not have his jaw wired shut, however, this will be reevaluated within the next week, and he will be on a liquid diet for several weeks to come.

Official Website: http://members.aol.com/johnstabbbenefit/

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