201 9th St
San Francisco, California 94103

FICTION PRESENTS... BELOW @ ASIA SF - Friday, August 17th
techno electro mutant disco mayhem

Featuring John Selway (CSM, Memory Boy, Selway Music, NYC)
Nikola Baytala - (Robsoul, [KONTROL], Bionic, SF)
with residents:
André Lucero (Fiction, Wastered!)
The Worker (Fiction, Stateless)

Doors open at 10:30pm / $10 door - $5 before midnight/ 21+ w/ ID

On August 17th, Fiction presents it's first installment of Below. San Francisco's newest creature on the techno electro scene, with forays into mutant variants such as stripped down electronic funk, leftfield robo-disco and gritty Krautrocking dancefloor jams, hosts the accomplished and innovative producer and DJ from NYC, John Selway; SF's techno DJ pillar and ambassador from Robsoul and [KONTROL], Nikola Baytala; with support from residents André Lucero and The Worker. Bear witness as this four-headed mix-monster destroys the dancefloor from the mothershipwrecked command center in the burlesque roller-disco basement of AsiaSF.

John Selway (CSM, Memory Boy, Selway Music, NYC)
John Selway's MySpace page
From the early 90's to the present, John Selway has built a high quality catalog of productions, both on his own and as a collaborator in various artist and label projects. From his major contributions to the early productions of Deep Dish; to his first success in the techno world as part of the successful seminal New York act Duo Disintegrator; to his collaboration as Smith & Selway (w/ producer Christian Smith); to his deep and minimal techno label CSM; to his involvement in the wild improvisational eclecticism of the Rancho Relaxo Allstars, Selway has created one of the most stylistically wide ranging bodies of work in the world of electronic dance music.
In addition to his composition and production work, John Selway is an accomplished dj. Technically skilled and stylistically versatile, he cut his teeth at early raves in DC and NYC, hitting his stride as a world-class, world traveling dj by the mid to late 90's. Currently, he maintains two primary stylistic directions in his dj sets: future-forward, grooving techno/tech-house and minimal and - as inspired by his love of early electronic dance music - dynamic, energetic and fun disco, italo, and electro.

Nikola Baytala - (Robsoul, [Kontrol], Bionic, SF)
Nikola Baytala's MySpace page
One of San Francisco's true musical treasures, DJ/Producer Nikola Baytala has carved his own niche in the SF urban underground scene. With credentials that include 10 years of DJ experience, a successful weekly at The Top hosted by his collective, S.W.A.T (Special Weapons and Tactics), and a slew of signature tracks produced on labels such as Large, Tummy Touch, Nightshift, Soul Food, and Robsoul, Nikola has cemented his status as an A List artist with the kind of distinctive style that must be seen to be appreciated. Performing alongside artists as far-ranging as Swayzak, Daft Punk, and Jane's Addiction, he obviously covers a lot of ground. Defying any fixed sub-genre of house music, Nikola has an instinctive need to create and play music from the soul while retaining his true grit mentality. His skills go beyond impeccable mixing; what sets Nikola aside is his finesse for seemless programming, fusing the rarest tech grooves with legendary jack tracks, creating long, complex mixes for the dancefloor.

André Lucero (Fiction, Wastered!)
André Lucero's MySpace page
A veteran of West Coast underground electronic music culture, André Lucero continues to reinvent himself. From breakdancing in the early 80's to his present studio efforts, he always kept his focus on beats and sounds of genres to come. Starting with the earliest electro hip-hop, passing through time and space to the present and future of electronic music, his selections are open minded but always have a dancefloor sensibility.
Not being satisfied with spoon feeding or accepting convenience, André has chosen the paths less traveled. Helping foster the rave scene in Santa Barbara; playing at the first mega-rave in the US (Raveamerica); releasing one of the first (if not THE first) domestically produced underground electronic dance music mixed CD's (Fusion, Volume 1); his involvement with the seminal San Francisco techhouse event/DJ crew, Urban Development; to playing with international legends for Space Children, he has been recognized for decades as a stand alone talent who brings something special to the lineup. Sharing the decks with some of the heaviest hitters on the planet, he understands how to rock a crowd as well as to tell a story. No two sets from André are alike. Each moment drives the relevance of the music selection. Each moment is unique.

The Worker (Fiction, Stateless)
The Worker's MySpace page
On-going San Francisco promoter and DJ of techno and international electronic nights, The Worker has been establishing a series of unique and innovative electronic nights, such as Stateless and Novo Soundz, that promote and showcase developing electronic acts from various parts of the world, bringing acts from Brazil, Tunisia, Mexico, Germany, U.K., India, and Spain to clubs in SF. The Worker is deeply inspired and influenced by techno, house, tech house, and minimal and has consistently been searching for the freshest developments in these sounds and genres from various regions of the world. His sets reflect this broad vision and eclecticism but are rooted in a foundation of deep, grinding, yet funky, tech beats that make his DJ sets resonant with various dancefloors.

Official Website: http://MySpace.com/FictionSF

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