39 New Montgomery
San Francisco Bay Area, California 94105

John McTaint is as ready to lead as any man in the United States of legal America could ever want to lead. And McTaint has led a storied life that few could ever match. John McTaint has led a life few have led in the past, for John McTaint is a survivor, a winner, a champion, a legend, a phenomenon, a saint, a god-like figure, an immortal, the messiah, reincarnated for a time like now, here for you, me and most importantly, America.

Join Team McTaint to celebrate the launch of the John McTaint presidential campaign in his bid to get to the Conventions!

* Come meet John McTaint and shake the hand of the presumptive presidential nominee
* Hit the dancefoor and get your groove on with with John McTaint and McTaint-loving DJs
* Ogle and buy coveted John McTaint in '08 campaign gear like shirts, posters and buttons
* Donate to John McTaint's campaign
* Meet other exciting McTaint politicos like yourself

A portion of proceeds from every drink you buy goes directly to fund John McTaint's bid to get to the Conventions in Denver and St. Paul. So drink up folks! Send McTaint to the Conventions!

Official Website: http://johnmctaint.com/events.php

Added by eddie on August 13, 2008