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London SE1 2YD, England

"John Maeda is a graphic designer, visual artist, computer scientist, and one of the world’s foremost digital artists, who has helped shaped the interactive digital environment that we know today. To coincide with his first UK solo exhibition at Riflemaker, Maeda will be discussing his processes of re-evaluating and questioning the digital landscape he has helped to create."

Tickets cost £10 each or £6 for Design Museum members.

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Added by nico_macdonald on April 3, 2007



Whether this is interesting or not will largely depend on who chairs and facilitates the discussion, as Maeda can be hard to pin down or challenge. Past Maeda talks at the ICA (in 2000 and 2002) have failed on this count, and the Design Museum has a variable record of getting the best out of star speakers.


Io John Maaeda l'ho ascoltato alla Mediateca di Milano...Interessante :-)


Followed his speech in Milan through Second Life. Was a cool experience :)

Looking forward to listen to him live though...