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Joanna Burns brings to the table a set of hands that were schooled under the influence of Ben Folds and a voice that's waiting for Whitney Houston to need backup singers again. She is what would happen if some of the powerhouse voices of the last 30 years could write and play their own material.

Singing harmonies in her mother's station wagon as a wee babe, she always knew she was a musician. Though much of her relationship with music was developed through hours of sitting in her room in New Jersey figuring out film scores and pop songs, she finally gave in and went with traditional schooling to learn the rest, studying Musical Theatre at Montclair State University.

What exactly can you expect to see at a live show? "I was recently told there is an element of theatricality to my show," she said. "I was flattered by that statement because it's definitely something I've been trying to achieve, coming from a theatre background." "I want to make raw theatre - no smoke or mirrors. Just full-out performance."

Citing influences from Aretha Franklin and Mariah Carey to Rufus Wainwright and Queen, Burns has developed a unique mixture of style satisfying all of those interests.

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